UPDATE: The 2022 Cherry season is now fully booked out!

 At last! Cherry season is getting close and you can book your visit to our orchard to indulge in sweet, juicy cherries!  Thank-you for your patience as we waited to see how the cherries weathered this cold, wet weather.  So far looking good!
It’s still hard to predict so I have only opened bookings for 8-20 December.  With the variety mix and season this seems safest.
If it does warm up and ripen the early cherries faster then we do hope to open from 1 December.
Our young Morello sour cherries have lots of cherries for small trees -we expect these to be ready late season.
Book online – this season we have two options for pre-booked tickets: a “Share the risk” non-refundable ticket for $7/adult, or a flexible ticket for $12/adult.   Kids are free.

Cherry prices per kilogram will be set depending on the size and quality of cherries available at the time, which may vary through the season.  It has been a very expensive season to grow cherries but we do try to keep it as affordable as possible.

Wishing for gentle sunshine for the next month ….


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Check in here for updates on our cherry season on our Mudgee orchard. Find out when we are opening the farm for you to visit to pick-your-own or buy your cherries ready to go. And we'll share recipes and ideas for all those cherries.

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