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So excited that, under current restrictions, we will be able to open this season for pick your own.
To be COVID safe we’ll ask you to pre-book your visit this season. Bookings will open next month once we’re sure we have cherries on the trees. The orchard is bursting with life and we’re hopeful of a bumper crop … but cherries are so fussy and the weather unpredictable so we’ll wait to more sure of when we’ll have ripe cherries for you to pick.

We aim to open 28 Nov – 20 December but it does all depend on the cherries (they are the boss around here!).  Around 10-15 December is typically most reliable for our Simone cherries.  If the warmer weather keeps up it maybe an early season.

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Check in here for updates on our cherry season on our Mudgee orchard. Find out when we are opening the farm for you to visit to pick-your-own or buy your cherries ready to go. And we'll share recipes and ideas for all those cherries.

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