Cherry season opens this weekend!  Pick Your Own 7:30am – 1pm in these Rons variety cherries. 30 Nov – 1 Dec 2019

There will be some beautiful sweet, black cherries to pick.  You’ll have to happy to hunt for them this weekend as some extreme weather dropped off many of the cherries on the Rons.  The good news is that the trees can put all their energy into the cherries they have kept on.  If you’re looking to pick 20+ kg cherries we’d suggest you wait until 6-9 Dec or 13 -15 Dec when our Simones will be ready and have a lot more cherries.  If you simply can’t wait any longer to start cherry picking then pull on your walking shoes and come this weekend and visit us again when the Simones are ready!

We’re saving all these Rons and Van variety cherries for our pick your own visitors.  Ready picked sales will start later next week – all dependent on the cherries of course.


There’s no need to book but we do suggest to come early before the heat.

We’ll loan you a picking lug to use in the orchard.  Save on waste by bringing your own boxes / eskies to take your cherries home, or we do have cartons for sale.  Wide, shallow containers are best so the cherries don’t squash.


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Check in here for updates on our cherry season on our Mudgee orchard. Find out when we are opening the farm for you to visit to pick-your-own or buy your cherries ready to go. And we'll share recipes and ideas for all those cherries.

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