Our popular 2018 cherry season is nearing an end … this coming weekend (14,15,16,17 Dec) is expected to be the last  that we will be open for you to visit to pick our beautiful cherries.

Open 7:30 am – 1pm Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  The Simone cherries are looking superb with a big crop (much easier picking than the temperamental Samba cherries).

It’s been wonderful to see so many people return to the orchard this year, some for their fourth year and also to meet some new visitors.  We even had two couples who told us they’d travelled 1400 km to pick our cherries!  They were well prepared with eskies to keep their cherries chilled.  Most exciting news was a marriage proposal in the orchard!

You can see some wonderful photos posted by visitors on instagram and facebook #rothfamilyorchard

Planning your visit

It’s best to come early before the heat.  If you are coming this Saturday we do have a large bus group around 10am so you may wish to come early to beat the rush!

We loan you a picking lug and pack the cherries in a stay fresh bag.  If travelling some distance we do suggest you bring a large esky or chiller bag with ice bricks to keep the cherries cool.

Find some friends and family and come visit to pick some fantastic Simone cherries this weekend!





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