Cherry season is underway – this exciting and nerve-racking time for us…

It’s been a stop-start kind of spring here in Mudgee which has given a staggered start to blossom in the cherry orchards.  A warm snap late September initiated bud break.  Then it turned really cold again – the leaf buds kept on opening while early flower buds opened and others stalled until it warmed up again (a great trick as it protects them from a possible frost).  This meant instead of the spectacular wall white blossom we had a gradual blossom opening mixed with leaf tips.  It’s unusual for us to see this mix of sizeable fruit, young fruit and blossom on a set all at once (pic below) and we’re curious to see how these mature.

After the incredible heat last summer during bud form and the dry, dry drought conditions through Summer-Autumn-Spring it has been truly wonderful to see some much needed rain across the district.  We’re fortunate to have a reliable irrigation source – but it’s just not the same as rain.   The trees and buds showed the signs of that heat-water stress during budform last summer and we are extremely happy to see a good amount of fruit on the trees now.

The bees have been busy working away to pollinate the blossoms as they have opened and we have some good looking fruit.  It’s unusually staggered in development – as some blossom burst early with  a warm spell and then a cold snap slowed down the ret of the blossom.   This is great news for the pick-your-own visitors as there’ll be fruit ripening on several varieties over a longer period of time.

PICK YOUR OWN From 30 Nov (depending on season)  Friday – Monday Mornings

Or we’ll pick for you and deliver around the North West.

See you in the orchard or our and about in the cherry express !


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